RePATH Finance is a first algorithmic stable coin pegged to the value of 1 $Nett token via seigniorage. Its a multi-token protocol, launched on Metis Chain that consists of the following three tokens:
  • REPT
  • RePATH
  • ReBOND


RePATH Finance is built upon the great work of Tomb Finance, which created the first algorithmic token pegged to $FTM on the Fantom Opera network. With the promise of lucrative yields, numerous subsequent copy-cat forks have launched, many of which turning out to be low-quality, poorly-managed, and downright dangerous to participate in. Our vision stems from the very reason of providing a secure ecosystem while enjoying the high yields that a tomb fork has to offer. We'll be launching on additional chains and protocols where all these protocols on different chains will compliment each other via complex mechanics.
Last modified 10mo ago