Genesis Pools

(Deposit Fee is 0.5%)

Contracts Renounced:

All the contracts have been renounced. Here are the list of transactions:


The Genisis pools will start distributing $Rept reward on the 18th of March at 6:00 PM UTC. There is also a $Rept-$Nett Rewards Pool which can be used to earn more $Rept tokens before the farms launch. RePATH Finance is a 100% fair launch which means that no $Rept tokens are pre-minted to any individual party and the initial liquidity will be locked with a trusted 3rd party. The Genesis pools will last for 48 hours.

Pool & Rewards Distribution

There will be 5 Genesis Pools, allowing you to earn 11000 $Rept token rewards by depositing the following assets:
  • $METIS (10%)
  • $USDC (10%)
  • $WETH (10%)
  • $NETT (10%)
  • $Rept-$Nett LP (60%)
Genesis Pool Rewards Allocation: 11000 Rept 2 days